Laboratorios Inibsa is one of the world's leading manufacturers of injectables, with almost 70 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We have the best technology on the market, with manufacturing capacity of small volume parenteral drugs, for pharmaceutical companies seeking the highest quality.

We manufacture injectable solutions in different pharmaceutical forms:

  • Cartridges, with aseptic filling.
  • Ampoules, with aseptic filling and/or final sterilisation.




We have the most advanced technology for the manufacture of injectable solutions and as a result we can manufacture batches under maximum conditions of reliability and safety.


Production reaction vessels

  • Production reaction vessels for injectable solutions of 100 to 1,400 litre capacity.


Lines for washing, depyrogenation, filling and sealing of injectable solutions:

  • Bausch & Ströbel AFV8010 24,000 ampoules/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel KFM8024 24,000 cartridges/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel KFM12024 36,000 cartridges/hour.

 Optical inspection lines:

inspecció òptica  
  • Brevetti ATM18 24,000 ampoules/hour. Optical inspection line.
  • Brevetti ATM32 15,000 cartridges/hour. Optical inspection line.
  • Seidenader VI-60 36,000 cartridges/hour.

 Labelling lines:

  • Bausch & Ströbel ESA1025 36,000 cartridges/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel ESA1025 48,000 cartridges/hour. Neri BL400 – datamatrix.

 Packaging lines:

  • FARCON FC420 blister thermoforming and box packing machine, 48,000 blisters..


  • Fedegari FOF2/BB 1m³.
  • Fedegari FOF5 1.6m³.
  • Celester (Telstar) SM101517 2.6m³.

Solid forms

We have a solid forms plant with controlled temperatures and humidity, following the highest GMP manufacturing standards.

We produce hard gelatine capsules for powder or pellets.

  • Variety of formats from 000 up to 4.
  • Variety of blister packing options Al/Al; PVC/Al.


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Mixers, capsule filling and thermoforming machine (box packing machine) for hard gelatine capsules:

  • IMA Zanasi 40E Capsule filler 40,000 caps/hour.
  • IMA Zanasi Plus 48E Capsule filler 48,000 caps/hour.
  • IMA C-60 thermoforming machine 1,650 blisters/hour.


Medical devices

As a pharmaceutical laboratory, we provide the highest quality standards in all our products. 

We are licensed to manufacture the following types of healthcare products:

  • Class I
  • Class IIa
  • Class IIb





  • 4 ATEX Reaction vessels for 1,000 to a 3,000 litres.
  • “V” Reaction vessel for 500 kg.
  • 2 filling, sealing and labelling lines for liquids.
  • 1 filling and sealing line for sachets for solids and liquids.


Additional services

Our highly qualified team offers our customers different kinds of services.

Out-licensing: We offer different products to third companies so that they can introduce them into new markets.

Pharmaceutical development

We have a highly qualified pharmaceutical development team that provides our customers with the highest quality services:

  • Documentation search.
  • Selection of APIs and suppliers.
  • Reformulation of products to improve or optimise them or comply with new regulations.
  • Galenic development.
  • Development pharmaceutical analysis and validation methods.
  • Product portfolio with guarantees of international approval.
  • Generation or support of the information to complete the marketing master file for new products.

Regulatory services

We manage all the documentation required for registration of a drug within the legal framework, as well as to obtain the necessary licences for the manufacture and marketing of healthcare and medicinal products or food supplements for human use.

Pilot batches

Before manufacturing products for our customers, we offer the possibility of processing pilot batches to ensure the success of future manufacturing procedures.

Stability studies

The quality control, physics-chemistry and microbiological laboratories perform the stability studies required to guarantee correct product quality.

GDP logistics and distribution

The Inibsa Group provides distribution and logistics services in compliance with GDP (2013/C 343/01).

We offer a service focused on:

  • Product traceability.
  • Maintenance of temperature conditions.
  • Precluding cross contamination.
  • Customer service integrated with the SAP system.

The Inibsa Group warehouses have more than 5,000 locations for raw materials, packaging material, APIs, semi-manufactured and finished products and returns.

almacénIt has the following designated areas:

  • Weighing cabins for medicinal and healthcare products.
  • Area at room temperature.
  • Area where the temperature is controlled and recorded (15ºC-25ºC).
  • Refrigerated storage area (2ºC-8ºC).
  • Area for the storage of hazardous materials.
  • Area for wholesalers.
  • Exclusive or personalised storage areas.

Our warehouse can prepare the picking and manage the logistics of the our customers' products for the Iberian peninsula as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands.