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We manufacture injectable solutions in different pharmaceutical forms:

  • Cartridges, with aseptic filling.
  • Ampoules, with aseptic filling and/or final sterilisation.






We have the most advanced technology for the manufacture of injectable solutions and as a result we can manufacture batches under maximum conditions of reliability and safety.

Production reaction vessels

Production reaction vessels for injectable solutions of 100 to 1,400 litre capacity.

Lines for washing, depyrogenation, filling and sealing of injectable solutions

  • Bausch & Ströbel AFV8010 24,000 ampoules/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel KFM8024 24,000 cartridges/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel KFM12024 36,000 cartridges/hour.

Optical inspection lines

  • Brevetti ATM18 24,000 ampoules/hour. Optical inspection line.
  • Brevetti ATM32 15,000 cartridges/hour. Optical inspection line.
  • Seidenader VI-60 36,000 cartridges/hour.

Labelling lines

  • Bausch & Ströbel ESA1025 36.000 cartridges/hour.
  • Bausch & Ströbel ESA1025 48.000 cartridges/hour. Neri BL400 – datamatrix.

Packaging lines

FARCON FC420 blister thermoforming and box packing machine, 48,000 blisters.


  • Fedegari FOF2/BB 1m³.
  • Fedegari FOF5 1,6m³.
  • Celester (Telstar) SM101517 2,6m³.