INIBSA is a pharmaceutical company with more than 60 years in the market. We provide products and services to health professionals in the fields of Dentistry, Anaesthesiology, Urology, Gynaecology and Hygiene and Disinfection. Through our dental, hospital and export business units, we have become a leader in Spain and Portugal, and we have a presence in more than 40 countries.Our commitment to quality and service is based on meeting the highest standards of quality and required European regulations and is due to our use of the highest production technology and a team that is committed to achieving our objectives. All this makes INIBSA a competitive, sustainable, committed company that is focused on innovation and internationalisation.


In 1948, Dr. Pedro Junyent, born in Barcelona and Doctor in Medicine and General Surgery by the University of Santiago de Compostela, decided to embark on an ambitious project in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry by constituting, in Spain, the company called Industrial Ibérica Químico Farmacéutica, S.A. which in November 1984 would become known as Laboratorios Inibsa. Currently, Cosima Longchambon, Dr. Junyent's step-daughter, is the president of the Board of Directors of the Inibsa Group. 

2013  The new company structure comes into effect: Laboratorios Inibsa, Inibsa Dental and Inibsa Hospital.

2011  Commissioning of the second dental anaesthetics production line (up to 150 mill).

2003   Commissioning of the anaesthetics ampoules production line.

2002   Beginning of the process for internationalisation of the company.

1999   First production line for dental anaesthetics cartridges (up to 60 mill).

1976   Opening of the new 15,000 m2 facility in Lliçà de Vall.

1970   Launch of the first hospital and dental anaesthetics.

1969  Launch of Nobecutan® (spray dressing) and the Instrunet® range (Disinfection).

1963   Extension of the Barcelona facility up to 4,000 m2.

1960   Creation of the subsidiary Laboratorios Inibsa Portugal.

1948   Foundation of the company.


We are a group of companies with more than sixty years experience, made up of a team of professionals who innovate, develop, manufacture and market products and services for health care and improving quality of life, with a clear vocation for social commitment.


We aim to be a competitive group of companies in the health sector, with international projection and profitable and sustainable growth, that generates the confidence and satisfaction of our customers, based on the quality of our products and services, basically in the areas of dentistry, healthcare and prescription centres, through the personal and professional development and implication of our collaborators.


We want to convert the current environment of change and structural crisis into our opportunity, efficiency into our necessity, innovation and knowledge generation into our challenge and teamwork into our main strength. To do this we must feel responsible for developing a workplace environment that fosters the pride of belonging, respect and communication, as well as equality of opportunities for the employment, development and promotion of our professionals. We must continue to construct a solid group of companies, capable of generating resources, guaranteeing the future and adequately satisfy all those people who interact with us (customers, suppliers, employees, banks, shareholders…)

Who we are

INIBSA is a pharmaceutical group with 70 years experience on the market. We provide products and services to Health Professionals in the fields of dentistry, anaesthetics, urology, gynaecology, hygiene and disinfection, regenerative medicine and biotechnology.

Our two flagship companies, Inibsa Dental and Inibsa Hospital, have enabled us to become a reference in Spain and Portugal, and sell our products in more than 60 countries.

Our commitment to quality and service is based on compliance with the strictest quality standards and European directives by using cutting-edge production technology, and a human team highly involved in achieving our objectives.

All this makes Inibsa a group that is competitive, sustainable, committed, and oriented towards innovation and internationalisation.

The Inibsa Group is currently comprised of three companies:

  • Laboratorios Inibsa
  • Inibsa Dental
  • Inibsa Hospital

It also has a subsidiary in Portugal called Laboratorios Inibsa Portugal.

Human Resources

A successful team

We are a competitive team involved in achieving our objectives, and especially in improving health in our society.

The Inibsa Group is comprised of more than 300 trained and qualified professionals who are given the opportunity to develop a brilliant professional career in the different companies of the Group.

We ensure efficient, profitable and modern business management that is committed to the personal and professional development of the people who form part of our organisation. We strive to make our collaborators feel responsible and at the same time proud of working in an environment that fosters respect, communication and fairness, with equal opportunities for employment, development and promotion.

One example of this is the Inibsa Group conciliation policy, with a work schedule that is continuous and flexible all year round in the Lliçà de Vall facility (Barcelona).

Committed to training

The Inibsa Group considers continuous training and professional development of the human team a key element for innovation and differential growth of the Organisation. For this reason, there are different training programs in the Group, focused on promoting competitiveness and the professional growth of our team.

In 2014 the company opened the Inibsa Campus as an on-line training platform designed to provide support to continuous training, and complement face-to-face training as well as improve the shortcomings of more traditional training methods.

Social commitment

The Inibsa Group is characterised by responsibility and a firm commitment to the society around us, as well as to quality, the prevention of occupational hazards and environmental protection as the three basic pillars of sustainability in all our activities, processes, services and products. 

Committed to our environment

Our daily commitment is to act responsibly towards the society we live in, and provide opportunities to those groups with most difficulties, by carrying out, as a Business Group, corporate actions that support social activities and permit the development and improved quality of life of social interest groups.

This vocation has led us to support initiatives such as the Fundació Somni dels Nens (kids' dreams foundation),that works to make the wishes of child patients come true and make them smile. We also give support to the Associació Cedre per a the Promoció Social (cedre association for social promotion), an organisation that promotes and fosters the social inclusion of youths in prison and immigrants.

On the other hand, each year, Inibsa welcomes the Banc de Sang i Teixits (blood bank) mobile unit so that our workers can participate in the Blood Donor Campaign.

In addition, and with the objective of complying with our social commitment, we work together with companies, organisations and/or social bodies that offer additional services, such as gardening or the collection of confidential documentation, among others;  and which promote social and labour insertion of youths from broken homes or with physical or intellectual disabilities. In this regard, we maintain close and continued collaboration with Vivers de Bell-Lloc, Eina Activa, Associació Alba, and the Fundació bdncapaç, among others.

Our social vocation is also involved with the availability of culture, a social asset we consider of great importance. For this reason, we cooperate with theFundació Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà (Emporda chamber orchestra foundation).

Committed to the Environment and the Prevention of Occupational Hazards (POH)

Our interest in developing a sustainable activity has led us to implement and environmental management system that is certified in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 regulations each year. This Management System ensures correct administration of the environmental repercussions of our activity, promotion of the efficient use of natural resources and correct waste management.

We foster environmental training and awareness among our collaborators to ensure correct application of the environmental management system by all employees.

The safety and health of our collaborators is another of our main interests. For this reason, we have applied a POH Management System based on the OHSAS 18001 standard that enables us to eliminate, minimise and control the occupational hazards derived from the processes and activities we perform. We ensure regular training and awareness activities to reduce the company accident rate.

Our commitment to the health of our collaborators is not only related to the workplace, but we are also concerned about healthy lifestyle and habits to improve their quality of life. In this regard, each year, the Inibsa Group implements a Health Plan that includes a series of activities and actions to promote a healthy life.


The Inibsa Group's permanent commitment to quality is closely linked with its growing industrial activity and the constant renovation of its installations to comply with the higher quality and service expectations for all its customers, whether health professionals or manufacturers and with society in general.

The application of the most stringent quality standards to all the different products manufactured and/or distributed by the group ensure a high degree of compliance with the strictest product and process quality standards, as well as those of safety and the environment.

International reach

The internationalisation of our products has been one of our main objectives for the last decade.

We have currently consolidated our process of International Expansion begun in 2002, and we are already positioned among the three leading producers of dental anaesthetics in the world.

Our products are marketed in more than 60 countries and we have the technical and human capacity to confront the regulatory challenges of different markets.

Innovation in our products and materials and optimisation of the production processes enables us to enter new markets and explore new business opportunities. 

Job opportunities

We offer the opportunity of professional growth in Inibsa, forming part of a highly qualified team. We consider training and development to be the key element, not only for the work we are doing today, but also for the future.

We seek people that make our ambitious objectives their own and help us reach them by contributing their knowledge, skills and experience.

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