Social commitment

The Inibsa Group is characterised by responsibility and a firm commitment to the society around us, as well as to quality, the prevention of occupational hazards and environmental protection as the three basic pillars of sustainability in all our activities, processes, services and products.

Committed to our environment

Our daily commitment is to act responsibly towards the society we live in, and provide opportunities to those groups with most difficulties, by carrying out, as a Business Group, corporate actions that support social activities and permit the development and improved quality of life of social interest groups.

This vocation has led us to support initiatives such as the Fundació Somni dels Nens (kids’ dreams foundation), that works to make the wishes of child patients come true and make them smile. We also give support to the Associació Cedre per a la Promoció Social (Cedre association for social promotion), an organization that promotes and fosters the social inclusion of youths in prison and immigrants.

On the other hand, each year, Inibsa welcomes the Banc de Sang i Teixits (blood bank) mobile unit so that our workers can participate in the Blood Donor Campaign.

In addition, and with the objective of complying with our social commitment, we work together with companies, organizations and/or social bodies that offer additional services, such as gardening or the collection of confidential documentation, among others;  and which promote social and labour insertion of youths from broken homes or with physical or intellectual disabilities. In this regard, we maintain close and continued collaboration with Vivers de Bell-Lloc, Eina Activa, Associació Alba, and Fundació bdn capaç, among others.

Our social vocation is also involved with the availability of culture, a social asset we consider of great importance. For this reason, we cooperate with the Fundació Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà (Emporda chamber orchestra foundation).

Prevention of Occupational Hazards (POH)


The safety and health of our collaborators is another of our main interests. For this reason, we have applied a POH Management System that enables us to eliminate, minimise and control the occupational hazards derived from the processes and activities we perform. We ensure regular training and awareness activities to reduce the company accident rate.

Our commitment to the health of our collaborators is not only related to the workplace, but we are also concerned about healthy lifestyle and habits to improve their quality of life.


The Inibsa Group’s permanent commitment to quality is closely linked with its growing industrial activity and the constant renovation of its installations to comply with the higher quality and service expectations for all its customers, whether health professionals or manufacturers and with society in general.

The application of the most stringent quality standards to all the different products manufactured and/or distributed by the group ensure a high degree of compliance with the strictest product and process quality standards, as well as those of safety and the environment.