Interview with Jordi Morral, Inibsa's International Sales Director


 Jordi Morral, Inibsa's International Sales Director, tells us about Inibsa's position in the international arena. 

What is the daily routine in your department?

Very dynamic, our day-to-day work consists of ensuing that we make the best possible product available to our distributors and partners, along with the suitable tools and resources to promote it properly, but we also work on medium and long-term business development plans, so we have to continuously strive to move towards our future goals without neglecting the immediate needs of the business.


What do you look for in people who work there? What should they be like?

We want responsible, dynamic, results-oriented, decisive people, team players, who are fully committed to the Inibsa project.


What do you think Inibsa does differently to the other companies in your field? What are your strengths?

I would say that we have 3:

  • We are very clear that it is our goal to make this a world that allows everyone to have the opportunity to receive pain-free dental treatment. That is our very purpose.
  • We place the needs of dentists - the main stakeholders in our business - and those of our partners and distributors, at the centre of all our business decisions.
  • Long-term vision: we have clear long-term goals and we know how to achieve them. In a world where immediacy dominates many aspects of our lives, knowing how to plan and manage long-term project times is one of our organisation's strengths.

Being clear about our goals and this holistic approach to our business gives us a competitive edge.


How do you see the company progressing in the medium term?

Inibsa's medium-term future is very promising. We have very strong business development plans that involve entering new markets and expanding our portfolio, with the aim of becoming a global leader in pain control in dentistry.


Why is internationalisation one of Inibsa's main goals?

Because it provides sustained growth and diversification of the business, which are basic needs for any company.


How is Inibsa positioned globally in terms of anaesthesia?

We are experts in dental anaesthesia and one of the world's leading producers, but at the same time, I believe that we are an approachable company that is sensitive to the needs of our stakeholders.

The market values and recognises the quality of our products and our commitment to making products available to any dentist who needs them. Ensuring product quality and the integrity of the entire supply chain is not easy at a global level and I think that Inibsa excels at this.


What are the challenges facing the company in the coming years?

We have 3 main challenges:

  • To enter new strategic markets.
  • To expand and diversify our portfolio.
  • To get closer to dentists and the users of our products around the world; to add value to their daily lives, not only through our products, but also through high-quality training and content.