Interview with Natalia Urrecho, Corporate Services Director


Understanding how the office environment affects engagement and productivity is key to business growth. We spoke with Natalia Urrecho, Corporate Services Director, about how we approached our attitude to the post-pandemic future of work.


Why carry out an office refurbishment project?

In recent years, Inibsa has strived to obtain a cutting-edge factory that sets the bar in its sector, but its offices have lagged behind. We have to get those offices up to standard, because we need modern offices where communication is seamless, where all of the departments are together, thus helping us to be more efficient and be more of a team.


What has changed over the years at Inibsa? How have we evolved?

We've focused on our strategy - becoming leaders in the dental anaesthesia business - and to achieve this we've invested in a cutting-edge factory, we've improved and streamlined our processes and we're also increasingly investing in our people, in our team.


What are the company's current priorities?

In 2021 we saw a significant rise in our profitability. Our priorities are to maintain that profitability and even increase it in a challenging economic environment, so we need teams that are motivated and committed, and that is our other big priority: to take care of them so that we can achieve what we set out to do.


What do the company's employees want? What are their priorities?

Inibsa's employees spend a lot of time in the company, so we want to feel good while we are here: enjoying working, feeling motivated, with seamless communication, being a team in an environment that is stable yet flexible.


How does Inibsa meet its employees' needs?

Firstly, by listening to them. In fact, we recently conducted a survey so that we could listen to their needs and improve the experience that employees have. Also, during the pandemic we introduced lots of improvements, such as working from home for people who were able to, an internal communication app to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest events, a suggestion box to hear about people's concerns. We also tried to hold events to encourage team building and commitment, such as a Christmas cocktail party. And the office refurbishments were another improvement, the most recent one.


What future challenges lie ahead?

We are a company with 75 years of experience in the market and we've evolved into what we are today – experts in dental anaesthesia. This is what we have to do: we have to grow through new projects and expand our business so that we remain a leader in this sector. And that's why we need a team that is by our side: that is motivated, prepared, committed – and that's what we're going to invest in over the coming years, albeit with sustainability always in mind - committed to the environment, socially committed, as well as following best practices and good governance.