Interview with Sonia Sánchez, Corporate Communication Manager


We interviewed Sonia Sánchez, Corporate Communication Manager at Inibsa! Explore the role that both external and internal communication play within the company, how they've contributed to its 75th anniversary, and the future projections ahead. Don't miss out!



  1. How have internal and external communication changed at Inibsa in recent years?

Companies have been working hard to adopt technologies that allow us to reach more people. While in the past you would put up a sign and pray that someone would pass by and read it, nowadays you can target the people you want to reach and the best way to do it.

However, while it is now easier to reach more people, it is also harder to make an impact on them. So businesses must strive to be more creative, to offer value and, above all, to listen.

In my five years working at Inibsa, I have seen our content grow and our team using a broader range of communication channels. Externally, our employees describe their day-to-day work at Inibsa and what it is like to work in this company, while our customers also showcase their achievements, because there is no better reference than a satisfied customer.

Internally, we have established strategies for listening, for facilitating communication by implementing measures that have benefited society, the company and ourselves as employees.


  1. What role have internal and external communication played in creating a sense of belonging and unity among Inibsa's employees and stakeholders?

The role of communication has to encompass the other departments that we represent, such as human resources, corporate services and marketing.

Internally, we work to convey the company's values, mission and goals. It is important for all of us to know what our role is in the company and where we are headed. Equally important are motivation and commitment, which we work on together with the human resources department.

Externally, we work to build a strong and coherent company image. As a result, the brand is seen as reliable and transparent.


  1. How has the communications department promoted team spirit among Inibsa employees during its 75th anniversary

Inibsa would not be what it is today without the people who are part of this company. We wanted to give them special recognition on this 75th anniversary. We started by setting ten milestones that we all had to achieve together as a company. In June we also held an event to pay special tribute to Inibsa's employees who have enabled us to get where we are today. I hope that we will end this year by meeting the ten challenges that we set ourselves.


  1. What impact has the 75th anniversary event had on the company's culture?

It may be a bit bold to say that the 75th anniversary will go down in the company's history. What I can say is that the 75th anniversary has had an impact on all of us. Feeling valued and appreciated by your company gives you a lot of motivation and enthusiasm and makes you feel part of a team.


  1. Why are the 10 challenges set by Inibsa important and how have they involved the team?

The challenges provide an opportunity to improve both personally and professionally. These ten challenges have given us a chance to improve not only as individuals, but also as a team. Without a doubt, we have all learnt from this and it has allowed us to improve.


  1. What future role will communication play in Inibsa's strategy?

The communications department plays a vital role in creating a strong brand image and ensuring that key messages are effectively delivered to all audiences.

We work on our image, reputation and our commitment to our various customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

We also work with the human resources department to instil an organisational culture: goals, vision, values and to boost commitment and motivation by organising events, activities that motivate employees.

In the future, this role will become increasingly important as the company grows.

Here's to many more years to come!