Inibsa launches Prestoject® Dental Syringes: Precision and comfort


In dentistry, the trust between dentists and their patients relies on the assurance of a comfortable experience. To ease the anxiety often associated with dental procedures, it is crucial to use dental instruments that are not only safe but also  precise.  
Prestoject® Dental Syringes are meticulously designed to provide a solution that sets a new standard for comfortable and successful dental anaesthesia. 

Prestoject® Dental Syringes – Key Features: 

  • Manufactured with stainless steel for long-lasting performance. 
  • Highly resistant to cleaning agents, Prestoject® Dental Syringes boast greater longevity and preserve optimum performance after being cleaned. 
  • Their ergonomic design ensures a secure and comfortable grip, which gives the user more confidence when administering anaesthesia. 
  • The syringes are compatible with 1.8 mL dental cartridges and needles with metric threads. 
  • Various aspiration options available to adapt to the needs of your daily practice.  
  • Endorsed by Inibsa’s expertise in dental pain control. 


Get to know the Prestoject® line: 

  • Prestoject CW Aspirating dental cartridge syringe with craw tip. Suitable for 1,8mL cartridges with flat plunger for manual aspiration.   
  • Prestoject HK:  Aspirating dental cartridge syringe with three hooks tip. Suitable for 1,8mL cartridges with hole plunger for manual aspiration. 
  • Prestoject FL: Self-aspirating dental cartridge syringe with flat tip. Suitable for 1,8mL cartridges with either hole or flat plunger.     
  • Prestoject IL:  Dental cartridge syringe for intraligamental local anaesthesia. Suitable for 1,8mL cartridges with either hole or flat plunger. 
  • Prestoject Safety Stand: Needle recapping device to prevent needle stick injuries.   

Our new Prestoject® range ensures that your patients enjoy a safe and comfortable experience during the anaesthesia procedure. The precision and functionality of Prestoject® Dental Syringes can help you handle your patients fear and discomfort, providing a reliable solution that satisfies both dental professionals and patients. 

This launch completes our pain control products portfolio.  Inibsa’s product catalogue also includes a wide range of local anaesthetics, Monoprotect ® Inibsa dental needles and Prestoject ® dental syringes.