Business areas

At Inibsa Group we offer solutions for professionals in healthcare, dentistry and gynecology. Our pharmaceutical group is characterized by its compliance with European regulations and the highest standards of quality. We also have a subsidiary in Portugal called Laboratorios lnibsa Portugal.

Inibsa Dental

Solutions for professionals in the dental sector. Our three main areas of development are pain control, regenerative dentistry and restorative.

Inibsa Hospital

We cover urology, anesthesia and regenerative medicine with specific emphasis on customer care and service.

Inibsa Ginecología

We are leaders in the symptomatic treatment of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women.

Laboratorios Inibsa

We manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical formats and offer our know-how to third parties who wish to introduce new products in international markets.  


Laboratorios Inibsa Portugal

Our Portuguese subsidiary has already accumulated 50 years’ experience. Its main focus is on pharmaceutical products, medical devices and patient care products.