Inibsa: an

Inibsa has been growing continually for more than 70 years. In 2002 we began our internationalisation process, with expansion being possible due to our technical capacity and our staff.


We are the second largest anaesthetic cartridge manufacturer worldwide and a high-quality European brand. We have successfully been inspected by organisations such as AEMPS, CFDA, PPB and the Russian Ministry of Health, among others.

International leader in pain control

We are a global brand taking our pain control solutions to a growing number of countries.

Our brands are:

  • Articaine: Artinibsa, Artibsa, Artidental, Dentocaine and Loncarti
  • Lidocaine: Xilonibsa, Xyon and Xion
  • Mepivacaine: Scandinibsa and Mepidental

We never stop advancing. And that’s because our continuous optimisation of processes allows us to explore new commercial opportunities. These are new challenges, but we face them with the same desire to succeed that we have always shown.

Global presence in more than 60 countries

Our products are currently available in more than 60 countries through leading distributors. In addition, we have subsidiaries in Portugal (since 1960) and Russia (since 2017).