Look back to move forward.

Big achievements are born from a small dream.

Our dream was started by Dr. Pedro Junyent in 1948 with a huge aim: to improve the health of the Spanish society.

Today, more than 75 years later, that dream is now focused on helping dental professionals to perform safe and effective work.

We contribute to the development of pain-free dentistry and to a society with good oral health. And the Inibsa brand has become an international leader in this sector.



Inibsa was founded by Dr. Junyent

The company was founded more than 75 years ago to support the day-to-day work of health professionals with a shared aim: to improve the health of society. We did so thanks to our founder, Dr. Junyent, an entrepreneurial and innovative visionary who allowed us to be where we are today.



Importing of innovative medicines

In the early years we were focussed on importing state-of-the-art medicines and medical devices to an isolated Spain, with the aim of improving the health of the Spanish society. At the same time, Dr. Junyent focused the efforts of our laboratories on research to develop new medicines. We also opened a subsidiary in Portugal.



First steps in Dentistry

The decade of the 1970s was hugely important for us as it set the company on the path it is still on today. We decided to join the world of dentistry and introduced the first dental anaesthetic into our portfolio, to open the door to 21st century dentistry.



We innovated in the field of pain control

We made a commitment to a new concept in the control of dental pain in Spain, replacing ampoules with anaesthetic cartridges. This was a significant milestone for professionals working in dental clinics, as the safety of dentists in their daily practice was enhanced. With this, we saw one of our goals fulfilled: to care for those who are taking care of others.



We launched the first Inibsa-branded anaesthetics

We created the first anaesthetics under our name: Inibsa. This was the start of a strong, long-lasting relationship, which continues to this day.



Inibsa in the world

In 2002, we started on the path to the internationalisation of our anaesthetics. We are currently operating in more than 60 countries, and with over 90 pharmaceutical dossier registered worldwide.



Renovation of the facilities

In recent years, Inibsa has expanded and completely renovated the entire production plant. During this period, the new Microbiology and Physical Chemical Control laboratories have been opened and the plant has been equipped with the latest advances in technology, which has allowed us to expand the production capacity of dental anaesthetics. Here we can particularly mention the installation of 2 new aseptic fill areas and the complete renewal of the packaging lines. As a result of all this, we have grown and now employ more than 300 people. We have also expanded our international presence, opening a subsidiary in Russia.



A decade for dreaming

In 2022, we maintain our position as the second largest producer of dental anaesthetics in the world. We have a strong and exciting business, with many goals to aim for and a team determined to achieve them. We have made the dreams of the last 10 years come true and now we are aiming to achieve our goals for the future.