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Edgar Maldonado, new Councillor of the Inibsa Chair of the Locomotor Apparatus

Edgar Maldonado, Manager of the Tissue Bank of the University of Miami, has been named Councillor of the Inibsa Chair of the Locomotor Apparatus, as well as associate lecturer in the Postgraduate and Doctorate Studies course for the mobility and interchange of students and lecturers between the University of Salamanca and the University of Miami.

Professor Maldonado recently visited the University of Salamanca to meet with specialists and exchange his experiences in disorders of the locomotor apparatus and the problems derived from the management and use of bank tissues in surgery.

In June 2011 Inibsa and the University of Salamanca signed an agreement to further consolidate the already established collaboration between the company and the University with the intention of undertaking joint research projects as well as creating a permanent site in the form of an Extraordinary Chair in the University of Salamanca Scientific Park and the instauration and financing of an annual award for Research in Regenerative Medicine of the locomotor apparatus, among others.