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Inibsa invests 10 million Euros to increase its dental anaesthesia production capacity

In 2015 Grupo Inibsa has begun construction work to expand its factory at Lliçà de Vall, near Barcelona, with the goal of installing a new production line for dental anaesthesia. The factory expansion and installation of new machinery has involved an investment of 10 million Euros for the business group.

The new production line will make it possible for Grupo Inibsa to increase its production capacity by 60% annually, from the 150 million cartridges a year currently produced to 240 million a year. According to Grupo Inibsa General Director Eduard López: “The new production line allows us to move from third to second place worldwide in dental anaesthesia production, an important step forward for our Group as it consolidates the internationalization strategy it has been carrying out in recent years.”

The investment is expected to be completed by the final quarter of 2016, with production in the new facilities to begin in early 2017.