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Inibsa, present in more than 60 countries

Inibsa products are now present in more than 60 countries all over the world. The latest markets to be opened up were Syria and Egypt. This objective has been achieved as a result of the internationalisation process the company began in 2002, and over the last few years has consolidated itself as one of the group’s strategic lines.

One of the reasons behind the International Expansion is the second sterile anaesthetics cartridges production line which came into service in 2011, and enabled increasing the manufacturing rate. In fact, as a result of this investment, Inibsa is currently the third ranked manufacturer in the world for this dental anaesthetic product, with enormous future potential, as it has the capacity to manufacture 150 million cartridges a year.

In this regard, the International Sales Manager, Marta Grau, considers the presence of Inibsa in more than 60 countries as very positive. “The international sales area has set very clear objectives for the internationalisation of Inibsa products. Having reached more than 60 countries allows us to strengthen our daily work and encourages us to keep expanding our product distribution network even further, offering maximum quality and the best service to our partners”.

Part of the success is also due to diversification of the sale of products by Inibsa Dental, Inibsa Hospital, and Laboratorios Inibsa, offering a extensive range of quality products.