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For the first time Inibsa produces more than 100 million anaesthetics cartridges in one year

110 million anaesthetics cartridges a year is the estimated Inibsa Group production for 2013, positioning the pharmaceutical group as the third ranked producer world-wide. A situation that is maintained as a result of the investments made by the company over the last few years: specifically in 2011, when Inibsa inverted 6.5 million Euros in a new dosing machine.

For the time being, and with approximately 75% of the total facility work load, Inibsa has managed to manufacture 110 million cartridges in one year, an amount that will continue to increase in upcoming years and which has enabled the company to be present in more than 50 countries all over the world.

According to Eduard López, CEO of Inibsa Group, “The decided commitment to the internationalisation of our dental anaesthetics and the consequent investments made, have been key to consider Inibsa as one of the world “players” in the control of dental pain and not only an important manufacturer of anaesthetics”.

Josep Lajara, Operations Manager, added that “We are very pleased because this means a growth of 28% compared to the previous year and a very positive tendency to growth, especially considering the economic situation in our area”.