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New painless dental anaesthetics system from Inibsa Dental

New painless dental anaesthetics system from Inibsa Dental Download image

Inibsa Dental begins marketing The Wand STA in June, a new dental anaesthetic administration system that permits a painless process with less collateral numbness after the intervention.
It incorporates exclusive Milestone Scientific DPS® (Dynamic Pressure Sensing) technology. This system controls the flow of the anaesthetic and prevents the inconveniences of traditional injection systems such as the difficulty of precise access and excessive pressure on tissue.
This system minimises patient stress as the first barrier in any dental treatment, as the injection does not look like a syringe, and so the patient does not perceive the machine as a threat and experiences no pain.
The General Manager of Inibsa Dental, Domènec Huguet, says that “with this new device dental clinics can position themselves as clinics without pain, to increase patient loyalty and attracting new patients by offering a service of the highest quality and effectiveness using the cutting-edge technology of The Wand Sta”.