Inibsa turns 75


On February 20, 1948, Industrial Ibérica Químico Farmacéutica was established, the company we know today as Inibsa. And now, in 2023 we thank the many stakeholders who have supported us throughout these decades, including our employees, customers and business partners. With them, we have managed to position ourselves as the world's second largest manufacturer of dental anaesthetics and export to more than 60 countries. 

Inibsa turns 75

75 years of Inibsa

In 1948 Dr Pedro Junyent founded Inibsa with a major objective: to improve the health of Spanish society. In the early years, we were committed to importing state-of-the-art medicines and medical devices to an isolated Spain, and we focused on research to develop new medicines.

The 70s were a key moment for us. We introduced the first dental anaesthetics into our product range, but it was not until 1985 that we created the first anaesthetics with our name. 

In 2002, we embarked on the road to internationalisation. Today, more than 75 years later, we have managed to position ourselves as the world's second largest producer of dental anaesthetics. We are a global leader in the sector. We are present in more than 60 countries, and we have registered more than 90 pharmaceutical products around the world.

We have a strong and exciting project, with many challenges ahead, and with a team determined to meet them. We have brought our dreams to fruition over the last 10 years, and now we are setting our sights on the future.


For the past 75 years, Inibsa has helped to improve the health of the population by providing a wide range of anaesthetics and products for the dental industry. We help dental professionals to provide a safe and effective practice. We help to develop pain-free dentistry and a society with good oral health.

Quality, safety and cutting-edge technology are three of the cornerstones of our diversified business development, which we have gradually focused on the manufacture and sale of dental anaesthetics. Today, we guarantee safe, painless and high-quality dentistry.

About Inibsa

Inibsa is a pharmaceutical group based in Lliçà de Vall. Founded by Dr. Pedro Junyent in 1948. Inibsa has been in the market for more than 75 years, with 50 of them in the pain control business. As specialists in this sector, Inibsa's dental anaesthetics are present in more than 60 countries around the world.