Dental needles


Dental needles for smooth and precise injections.

Sterile, single-use, with metric threaded hub, silicone-coated and with bevel indication.


Local dental anaesthesia.

Palatal, intraosseous, infiltrative and block injection techniques.


  • Stainless Steel cannulas with silicon-coated tip.
  • Triple beveled to facilitate tissue penetration and reduce tissue injuries.
  • Bevel indicator printed on the cone that allows a proper needle positioning.
  • Sterility guarantee. Welded point that joins safety cap and protector
  • Latex free. Reduces the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations
  • Color-coded
  • Quick identification. Production batch, expiry date and size printed directly on the needle cap.


Needles individually packed in boxes of 100 pieces.

Available sizes:


Professional use only.

Can be used with current standard dental cartridge syringes.