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Pharmaceutical development

We have a highly qualified pharmaceutical development team that provides our customers with the highest quality services:

  • Documentation search.
  • Selection of APIs and suppliers.
  • Reformulation of products to improve or optimise them or comply with new regulations.
  • Galenic development.
  • Development pharmaceutical analysis and validation methods.
  • Product portfolio with guarantees of international approval.
  • Generation or support of the information to complete the marketing master file for new products.

Regulatory services

We manage all the documentation required for registration of a drug within the legal framework, as well as to obtain the necessary licences for the manufacture and marketing of healthcare and medicinal products or food supplements for human use.

Pilot batches

Before manufacturing products for our customers, we offer the possibility of processing pilot batches to ensure the success of future manufacturing procedures.

Stability studies

The quality control, physics-chemistry and microbiological laboratories perform the stability studies required to guarantee correct product quality.