Inibsa releases a new corporate video


 At Inibsa we are excited to share our new corporate video. This year is our 75th anniversary and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it than showing what and, above all, who Inibsa is. 

Inibsa releases a new corporate video

During these 75 years, Inibsa has had the opportunity to help improve people's health by providing a wide range of dental anaesthetics and products for the dental industry. We are proud that we have helped to develop pain-free dentistry and a society with good oral health.

Our new corporate video reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and teamwork. You can discover more about us, our achievements and our challenges, as well as the outstanding team of professionals who enable us to be a world leader in the dental industry.

We would like to thank all our team of professionals, customers, distributors and partners for being part of Inibsa. We believe in the value of people and their ability to make a difference to society. We will continue to work passionately and with dedication to improve people's well-being and to offer the best care and service to our customers.