Inibsa launches new offices


In the year of our 75th anniversary, Inibsa has launched the first phase of the refurbishment of our offices in Lliçà de Vall. This refurbishment has allowed 732 m² of office space to be updated and fitted out for the well-being of our staff. 
With this refurbishment, we are encouraging human interaction, teamwork, communication, flexibility and creativity, thanks to a wide variety of spaces. First of all, we have an open collaborative workspace that is bright and airy. Additionally, individual rooms have been created to provide privacy and aid concentration, avoiding any distractions. 

Inibsa launches new offices

The meeting rooms have been designed with both short and long meetings in mind, and we have also provided a creative space for staff members. The office has three phone booths for telephone conversations or videoconferencing and collaborative areas with sofas to encourage dialogue. We also have communal areas, such as a new canteen and an outdoor terrace.

The technology has also been improved in this new space, as landline telephones have been phased out (only mobile phones will be used), and the meeting rooms have been equipped with state-of-the-art screens and technology to facilitate videoconferencing connectivity.

And we have also included biophilic design elements to promote a natural environment in this new plant. Textile flooring mimicking stone and grass, plants, and nature-inspired wallpaper have been added in the canteen.

To ensure a neatly organised space, we have created: storage areas for documentation and hardware, cupboards for each department, books for each job, lockers assigned to each staff member and wardrobes at the entrances.


Focus on sustainability

Sustainability has also been a key consideration in the refurbishment of the offices, and the air conditioning has been upgraded to comply with the Technical Building Code and Regulation on Indoor Heating and Air-conditioning Systems, with an air renewal system. Our main suppliers have sustainability certifications for furniture, textile flooring and artificial plants.

Also, waste bins have been removed and recycling points have been installed, ushering in a new waste sorting project in our offices. The number of printers has also been reduced and lighting sensors have been installed in corridors and bathrooms, as well as sensor taps.

With this refurbishment, Inibsa is committed to enhancing the experience of its staff, offering a more comfortable, high-tech, sustainable and natural working environment.