MONOPROTECT® INIBSA Dental needles are a class IIa medical device  manufactured in the EU, they are pyrogen-free and compatible with all metric thread syringes.  

MONOPROTECT® INIBSA Dental needles are stainless steel needles that have specifically been developed to maintain the sterility and inviolability of the needle thanks to its welded point hat joins the cap to the needle protector. In addition, its protective cap can help the dentist to insert the needle into the syringe, without being in direct contact with the needle and allowing secure procedures. 

 Its silicone coating reduces the needle penetration effort to the tissue improving the patients’ comfort and making easier the dentists’ job. In addition, the triple bevel design ensures a precise and smooth injection reducing tissue injuries and pain or discomfort during the anesthetic administration. 

MONOPROTECT® INIBSA Dental needles do not contain any latex, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritations. There are 5 different sizes available all of them color coded and they also have a hub indicator printed on the cone that allows proper needle positioning. Moreover, to ensure its quick and easy identification before use, you can find the production batch, expiry date and size directly printed on the needle cap.